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Michel Fassbender in Steve Jobs: The Steve Jobs trailer en français

You know who I bet is looking forward to seeing Michael Fassbender as American tech icon Steve Jobs as much as Americans are? Le French! 
Why else make a French-dubbed trailer for Steve Jobs which hits our US shores October 23rd? The movie is making its debut in the UK at the London Film Fest on October 8, opening in Turkey on October 30, in Germany, Russia and the Czech Republic on November 12th, the Netherlands on December 4th, Spain on January 1, 2016, Hungary on January 14th, Italy on the 21st, Vietnam on the 22nd — wait, where the heck is France’s release date? I don’t see it anywhere! That French trailer? It was made for the French Canadian market! The movie opens in Canada on October 8th. As for France? Je ne sais pas. For now, to all my friends Dreaming of France, this French Canadian trailer will have to do. 

Does Michael Fassbender speaking French have you Dreaming of France? Visit An Accidental Blog and hook up with fellow francophiles.

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  1. Yep, that does the trick. Actually, it makes me want to go to France more, even though, I apparently wouldn't get to see the Steve Jobs movie! Thanks for playing along today with Dreaming of France.


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