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Dreaming of France? 5 Ways to Feel like You’re in France

Are you here looking for my regular contribution to Dreaming of France? While Ive been in the habit of sharing  book-to-movie news with a French twist on a somewhat weekly basis, lately Ive found myself pulled to deliver more personal posts. And since for now, France is more a dream than a reality, Ive pulled together 5 Ways to help you feel like you’re in France, even if you dont have the francs for the airfare. Youll find it over on Sim Carter: Past, Perfect/Imperfect
If you must have book-to-movie news with a French flavor, Ive also gathered up a quartet of early reviews for Robert Zemeckis The Walk starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Phillipe Petit, the Frenchman who famously walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers.