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Tom Cruise is on Cruise Control: Jack Reacher 2 coming next year

It's pretty clear now that the Going Clear documentary which a lot of people thought was going to bring Tom Cruise down, isn't. Paramount just gave the green light to a second Jack Reacher movie, even while the first one quite didn't live up to expectations. Crazy Scientology aside, I LOVED the movie but it didn't do all that well here at home. The stats show it made about eighty million domestically with another $138.3 abroad. 

Here's part of what I said ...

Tom Cruise IS Jack Reacher

Brilliant. I don't care how short Tom Cruise is. I don't care if he looks like Jack Reacher or doesn't. I don't care how weird Tom Cruise's Scientology connection is. And clearly it's weird. Tom Cruise knows how to deliver two hours of movie thrills and chills, cut with comedic relief, spliced with a little sexual tension. If you like the Mission Impossible franchise, if you liked Edge of Tomorrow (I LOVED IT) it's impossible for you not to like this movie too. I was a doubter before the movie was released way back in 2012, but we watched it last night on Netflix and I'm a doubter no more. You can also catch it on Amazon, Google Play and VUDU

Anyway, after Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation success over the past couple of weeks, apparently there's no stopping the man. There's an MI:6 coming in 2017. Plus Top Gun 2, and Mena in which he plays a drug-running pilot for the FBI! It's clear Tom Cruise can be anyone he wants to be. And apparently he wants to be Jack Reacher 2. At 53, Tommy boy is still going super strong. Could there be something to this Scientology stuff after all? Nah! Just kidding.

I actually met Tom Cruise early in his career. A guy I was dating took me to a wrap party for one of his early movies. Read about it here.