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Robert Redford Explores Aging, Friendship, Loyalty in 'A Walk in the Woods' and 'Truth'

I woke up this morning to my husband bringing me a cup of coffee in bed. Sweet, right? The best part was when he left the room and I got to spend a few minutes under the covers with Robert Redford.

This is my kind of Sunday!

For today's Sunday Slacker video I've got an interview with Redford in which he chats about A Walk in the Woods and Truth, both of which come out this fall. 

We took a look at the A Walk in the Woods trailer this past Wednesday. I'm only about a quarter of my way in to the long hike but, like a couple of you pointed out, it became instantly clear Robert Redford and Nick Nolte are both too old to play the real life Bill Bryson who wrote the memoir, and his friend Stephen Katz, who came along on the hike. But it may not matter. Redford, who originally bought the screen rights with the notion of re-teaming with Paul Newman, uses the story to explore friendship and the question of aging. In today's Sunday Slacker video he talks about those issues and it's quite sweet and quite revealing. I love what he says about getting older and thinking about how you want to spend your remaining years, what you want to do with them. 

He also talks a bit about Truth the project in which he plays Dan Rather while Cate Blanchett plays his producing partner Mary Mapes. That, he says, is also a story about relationships and loyalty. Based on Mape's non-fiction book Truth or DutyTruth also stars Elizabeth Moss, Topher Grace, and Dennis Quaid comes out October 16th.

You don't think Robert Redford looks like Bill Bryson or Dan Rather?

He didn't look anything like Bob Woodward either but I don't remember any complaints back then. Certainly not from me.

A Walk in the Woods opens Septemer 2. A short couple of weeks away. Where, oh where did the summer go? What did I do with the time?