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Ingrid Bergman: Five of My Favorite Ingrid Bergman Movie Moments

In an odd quirk of fate, the legendary Ingrid Bergman was born and died on the same day. Born August 29th, 1915 in Stockholm, Sweden, the iconic star died 67 years later in the Chelsea neighborhood of London, on August 29th, 1982. 

I love what director George Cukor said about Ingrid Bergman: “She never lost that innocent quality of wonder.” I think the director of Gaslight, the only film Cukor and Bergman made together, got it right.

Classic Clips

I found lovely moments from Indiscreet, Casablanca, Notorious, The Inn of the 6th Happiness, and an intense scene from Gaslight, before I happened upon this gorgeous homage video from RubyDee717. For me the only thing it needs is more Cary Grant!  

Ingrid Bergman Homage

Indiscreet 1958 

Casablanca 1943 

Notorious 1946

The Inn of the 6th Happiness FINALE 1958 

Gaslight 1944

I know, I know! There are so many fabulous Bergman movies. What fave of yours am I missing? 
For Whom the Bells Tolls? Spellbound? Cactus Flower? 
Give it to me straight in the comment section.