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Poldark: Say yes to the dress! [Episode Three]

Chatting about last night's episode of Poldark. If you haven't yet watched it and you plan to, go read something else. May I humbly suggest The Height of Hubris, todays post on my other site? If you're here for my weekly play along with Dreaming of France, that's for you too.

Well well Mr. Poldark! Aren't you the one? You revealed two sides of your handsome face last night:

The almost heroic Poldark who goes out on a limb to speak up for a poor employee when he's been arrested for poaching—even while sadly failing and getting hot under the collar and quite possibly making things worse for poor James. 

And that other far less heroic man; the weak one who allows himself to get lost in his ales and bed his own servant girl — don't get me wrong, not that I didn't love it — but then the morning after, when your old love comes to call, you look right through poor Demelza. Like she's nothing. You're a cad...and you know it so what do you do? You marry the poor girl. You marry her but there are no guests, there's no celebration. It's just the preacher and your worthless servants Prudie and Jud as witnesses. No guests and not much joy on your faces either. It's a marriage of expedience so you can continue having what you want and need in lieu of Elizabeth but where is the love? We see it on her face all the time while yours, still holding a candle for Elizabeth, is harder to read. What are you doing Ross Poldark? What's the rush?

Meanwhile Uncle Charles has taken ill and suggests it's time for Francis to step up and really run his family's mine. Uncle Charles wants Francis to follow Poldark's lead, do it like Poldark does it. That's likely to build up even more resentment in Francis who knows Elizabeth still secretly holds Poldark in her heart.

Oh! And that dress Demelza needed help getting out of but presumably needed none getting into? Some fans are actually wondering how it's possible and all I can say is, really? The old — can you help me with this zipper, button, necklace — is the oldest trick in the steamy book. Come on now ladies and gents, this is Poldark, historical, bodice-ripping fiction, not a gritty, realistic British crime drama we're talking about. Get with the program, the correct British program!

Characters We Love

Verity (Ruby Bentall) is still holding on to her lost love; looking pale and very unhappy, she carries a picture of the captain in a locket around her neck. Lots of secrets and buried resentments piling up all around. What's next? 

Let's take a peek at a preview of Episode 4 below. I'd love to hear what you think in the comment section.

Key players in this episode: 

Aidan Turner as Poldark
Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza
Heida Reed as Elizabeth
Warren Clark as Uncle Charles
Kyle Soller as Francis Poldark
Beatie Edney and Philip Davis as Prudie and Jud
Alexander Arnold as James

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