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Poldark: More Precious for Being Less Certain [Episode 5]

Even while I was in the midst of watching last week's Poldark, I knew it couldn't last. All that happiness. This week's episode, number five, proved my point —what goes up, must come down—with all last week's goodness and joy knocked flat. While there is a brief glimpse of happiness for Verity, mostly things look pretty bleak.

The copper mine is still struggling, Poldark has to mortgage his estate for less than its true worth just to stay afloat.

The people in the surrounding areas are starving, and like the French, ready for a revolution.

Mark, one of Poldark's best men is tricked into marriage by an actress [you know how they are] in a passing show and already we see her low character; clear disappointment with the humble house Mark makes for her, and flirting with the new doctor in town on her wedding day.

Francis gambles away his mine in a card game, trying to recoup his losses. He's already bitter, angry, a disappointment to all who know him, including himself. Things are looking bad, and will only get worse for him, and for Elizabeth.

And yet for all the setbacks, all the disappointments, in the way people treat each other, and the way the world treats people, it was Ross Poldark's outlook at the end of the gloomy episode that I'll take away.
"My life is more precious for being less certain. Richer for being poorer."
When Francis does close his mine, he writes RESURGAM on a wooden post. 

Demelza asks Ross what it means.

I shall rise again.
And shall we? 
I hope so."
So do we.

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