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Sam Claflin Looks Ready to Wheel His Way Into Our Hearts in "Me Before You"

Now we're talking! We got our first look at Emilia Clarke shooting Me Before You in Wales a couple of weeks back.

In complete contrast to her Game of Thrones character, Clarke as Louisa, the young woman hired to look after Will, and cheer him up, was in a myriad of crazy costumes trendy fashions? quirky outfits? and actor Matthew Lewis, playing her boyfriend Patrick, was seen in a few of the shots. 

Now we're getting to the good stuff. That's Sam Claflin messing around with the soccer ball above, and here, with Emilia along with various crew at the beach, getting hooked up to play the wheelchair-bound Will. 

When I first heard about this film I was hot for Michael Fassbender to take on the role of Will. He seemed perfect for the part of the once sexy, athletic, sports addicted thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie, captain of industry, master of the universe, now wheelchair bound Traynor. Fassbender absolutely would have been perfect but now that I've got a good look at Sam—who you probably know from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—I see he's perfect for Will too. Strong, confident, cocksure charm. Sam Claflin as Will Traynor? Check. Me Before You hits theaters March 18, 2016.

How does Sam look to you? Does he fit the picture of Will you created in your head? Don't deny it; if you read the book, I know you had to spend some time imagining just how Will did look. IMHO he looked like this! Perfect casting, right? Talk to me.

Photo Source: PopSugar