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Mockingjay 2: Don't lose your heads over it but how'd you like the teaser trailer?

"One way or another, this war's going to come to an end ... "

Meh! My inner voice was kvetching, the teaser trailer for Mockingjay 2 is up. Meh. If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all. Who cares? 

Watching the trailer, the thing that struck me wasn't girl wonder Jennifer Lawrence, even though, let's be honest, she did  usher in a brave new world of kick ass females and spark the discussion for a more female empowered film industry.  It's all those other familiar faces. One last chance to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman in fresh material. That might be overstating it, Mockingjay 2 may be fun, but I doubt that 'fresh' is part of the formula. Still, I don't want to miss an opportunity to see the master at work and I confess, the buzz about parts of his performance being digitally enhanced, does pique the interest in a ghoulish kind of way. Elizabeth Banks is always a kick as Effie in her bizarro world costumes, and now that I've seen her powerful performance in Love & Mercy, I'll be watching her more closely now. Sam Claflin—I just shared images from the set for fellow fans of Jojo Moye's Me Before You in which he stars as Will Traynor—is Finnick Odair and finally gets to be married and there's a lovely celebration—and you just know all that happiness can't last. Natalie Dormer is joined by fellow Game of Thrones alum, Gwendolyn Christie (Brienne). Plus there's Remy from House of Cards! Er, I mean, Mahershala Ali, who I adore as Remy, playing Boggs here again, and telling it straight ...
One way or another this war's going to come to an end (as is the franchise) The only one thing you could do now to add more fire to this rebellion ...
 ... is? Yes Remy? You were saying? But he doesn't say, I guess that's why they call it a 'teaser' trailer. Still there's Julianne—Still Alice—Moore, and Woody—True Detective—Harrelson. The president and Katniss' boys. They're all there on what feels a little like Gilligan's Isle. Are they ever gonna get out of there? Will peace prevail? If there ever was a time, this is it.