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Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard are Riveting in First Trailer for MACBETH

Was there really any doubt? The critics at Cannes raved, but they're not always the most reliable. But really. Michael Fassbender is just a magnificent and powerful actor. Period. And Marion Cotillard? I really wasn't sure the actress giving Lady Macbeth a French twist would work, but this first trailer for Macbeth looks, if I may state the obvious, bloody good. It looks, in fact, Shakespearian in scale. So what's the hold up with getting a US release date? The film opens in the UK on October 2 before it rolls out to a slew of other countries including Sweden on December 25th. Ha! Not exactly the typical Christmas fare! But for some reason, we still don't have an official release date for the U.S. Is it an American aversion to Shakespeare? Do distributors think all we want to watch is Avenger movies? If you hear of a release date, keep me posted, I can't wait to see this! Talk to me!