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Matt Damon is going to have to 'science the shit out of this' in First Trailer for The Martian

Holy little green men! I shared the first images of Matt Damon in The Martian a couple of weeks back. Now we've got the first trailer for the screen adaptation of Andy Weir's book coming to theaters this Thanksgiving Day weekend. Gotta get that hype rolling to get those butts in the seats on the massive movie-going holiday, right?! Who am I kidding? I love this stuff. Let's take a look.

Woah! That looks intense, thrilling, right down to a real hero to cheer for. Not a super hero, a real flesh and blood man. Everything we go to the movies for. 

Jeff Daniels, speaking for NASA, pronounces Mark Watney dead but Matt Damon knows better! The story has been compared to Robinson Crusoe in space which seems apt; astronaut Watney is 'going to have the science the shit out of this' and find a way to survive. 

"Mein Gott!" says Axel Hennie. Chiwetel Ejiofor's face collapses with joy. Kristin Wiig puts hand to mouth in shock. While Jessica Chastain and Rooney Mara get to work planning a rescue response. 

"In your face, Neil Armstrong" says our man Damon/Watney. Will he survive? Of course he'll survive. He's Matt Damon. The thrill will be in watching him do it. Agree? Or not? Talk to me.