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Marion Cotillard is the voice of the Rose in The Little Prince. And in Le Petit Prince

I really feel bereft, not only that my son missed this book when he was little but that I did too. Is it weird and pervy for a grownup woman to want to see the movie? As it stands right now one would have to go to France, or Brazil or Portugal maybe to see the movie when it opens this summer. But not here in the US. Or the UK.

We've been tracking the animated version of The Little Prince aka Le Petit Prince, based on the classic fable by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, since I first heard James Franco was attached sometime last year. The film debuted at Cannes this year and while it's headed to France, set to open in Paris July 29th, we still don't have a US or a UK release date. So, your kidlets best chance to see the movie is to go en vacance to France this summer and see the movie in French. "Hey kids, what a great chance to polish your language skills. Madame Lafitte will be so proud! Mommy and daddy will be just down the street at this little cafe ... " Any excuse to visit France, right, my Dreaming of France friends?

While I did initially have a momentary hallucinatory thought that James Franco was voicing the little prince himself, thankfully he is not. That honor, in the English language version belongs to Riley Osborne, a young actor director Mark Osborne worked with on Kung Fu Panda. A female, Andrea Santamaria is doing the French voice over.  Since this is an animated film, the French version is being done by some of the creme de la creme of French cinema.

Voila! Marion Cotillard is the voice of the Rose in both the French and English language versions while Vincent Cassell is the Renard to James Franco's Fox. 

Jeff Bridges is our crusty voiced Aviator to Andre Dussollier's L'aviateur. 

The little girl is voiced by Mackenzie Foy who you may remember from Interstellar as the young daughter, Murph, that Matthew McConaughey's astronaut left behind. In the French version she's voiced by Clara Poincaré.

Rachel McAdams and Florence Foresti voice the mother/la mere.  The remaining cast includes Paul Rudd, Paul Giamatti, Benicio del Toro, Albert Brooks, and Bud Cort with Guillaume Gallienne, Laurent Lafitte and Vincent Lindon filling out the French cast.

Here are both trailers. Regardez-vous.

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