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It's Emma Watson's turn to form The Circle with Tom Hanks

Will The Circle be unbroken? Dang! I know just how the Collider interviewer in the video snippet below, feels. I was all set to see Alicia Vikander opposite Tom Hanks in the screen adaptation of the bestselling Dave Eggers thriller. Remember we talked about the James Ponsoldt directed film set in California's googley tech world up north here? I created a whole beautiful post all about Alicia and her many projects going back to my own personal discovery of Vikander in Anna Karenina. I was feeling all proud and motherly that she was in a relationship with Ponsoldt and Hanks but now Vikander has up and dumped Ponsoldt and his indie ways for a couple of big spenders: she'll likely star with beau Michael Fassbender in Assassin's Creed as well as Matt Damon in the next Bourne movie. Pooh!

So what's a director to do? Ponsoldt says they're moving ahead, they'll start filming, here in my drought ridden state of California in the fall, but with Emma Watson instead of Alicia. 

Watson, currently shooting Beauty & the Beast with Luke Evans and Dan Stevens, will likely make a wonderful Mae, the young woman who lands what she thinks is a dream job at The Circle, a cutting edge tech company. I know my son has both actors on his list of women he'd like to, er, get to know better.

So, all you Dave Eggers fans out there, what do you think of Emma Watson as eager and naive Mae? Watch what director James Ponsoldt has to say on the subject.