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Emily Blunt on Track to Play The Girl on the Train

Emily Blunt as The Girl on the Train? Yes please!

I woke up to the news that Emily Blunt is in talks to star in DreamWorks' adaptation of Paula Hawkins' runaway best-seller The Girl on the Train. I gobbled the novel up, as I said in my take on the book; it's one of those thrillers you can't help but read full steam ahead.

As The Hollywood Reporter reports, er, that's their job, it's even in the title, the story offers 'three meaty roles for actresses.' Yes, indeed and the primary role, that of the jobless, divorced, alcoholic Rachel who tells the story would go to Blunt. Blunt was quite good as the Baker's Wife in Into the Woods, nuanced and vulnerable, BUT she was really thrilling in Edge of Tomorrow opposite Tom Cruise. Strong, fierce, in control, and quite fit. She'd have to let herself go a bit to play the part of Rachel who is a bit puffy and fleshy and sort of sees herself as a slovenly mess. A slovenly mess who'll have to come out of her haze and find that inner strength. I was picturing someone like Martine McCutcheon, Natalie, in Love Actually. Ms. Blunt will do beautifully!

Plus she's British so that's a plus right there. I'd been terrified that American producer Mark Platt would relocate the film to Long Island but it sounds like they're going with a British cast and setting the film in London, as they should. Hurrah!

Tate Taylor is set to direct; if you were a fan of The Help, you'll be pleased as he helmed that motion picture. He also shot the pilot episode of Grace and Frankie, the new Netflix show starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, so I imagine he's been hired due to his ability to work with women. 

Blunt is currently filming The Huntsman with Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron but should be available by summer's end.  The script by Erin Cressida is already complete so there's nothing to stop them now but casting. I can't imagine Blunt turning this part down; The Girl on the Train is the fastest selling book in history! That's the kind of readership and ready-made fan base that, like The Help, like Gone Girl, a book it's often compared to, will bring both women and men into the theaters in droves. And, if successful, will put Emily Blunt's asking salary up a few notches.

I'll let you know when she says "Yes, I will, Yes!" And who they cast as Megan and Anna. I've told you my casting ideas for the other women as well as the male roles. What about you? Does Emily Blunt say Rachel to you? Talk to me!