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The Face of an Angel: It's Slacker Sunday Video time

I have no opinion on whether Amanda Knox did or didn't do the really dastardly deed; it's a rabbit hole I choose not to go down. That being said the whole tawdry and tragic affair should make for some compelling movie viewing, especially as the story unravels from the perspective of a couple of people following the case closely; an investigative journalist and a documentary film maker. I'm sort of surprised this one isn't a made-for-TV drama but the Face of an Angel is hitting the multiplex here in the states on June 19th with Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Bruhl in the lead roles. 

Beckinsale has made quite a career out of the Underworld franchise; I loved her in Pearl Harbor and Serendipity and would like more of that please. Bruhl was fabulous and held his own as Niki Lauda in Rush—not easy to hold your own when Chris Hemsworth is your co-star—and has a slew of exciting projects coming up including Adam Jones with Bradley Cooper (it's about opening a restaurant) and the next Captain America. Actually I'm not really excited about that one, but you might be.

The film also stars Cara Delevingne, an actress and model who we'll be seeing a lot more of in the coming months. For some reason my son knows exactly who she is, and that has nothing to do with the fact that she's Margo Spiegelman in Paper Towns and will be in the upcoming Pan, and Tulip Fever. Something about Victoria's Secret? 

The movie, a fictionalized portrait, is inspired by true events and based on the book Angel Face: Sex, Murder and the Inside Story of Amanda Knox by Barbie Lazda Nadeau. 

Here's today's Slacker Sunday video—videos actually, as I've got two for you—the just released US trailer for The Face of an Angel and the older UK version. You'll notice the UK version features Delevinge much more heavily. 

The pretty young thing isn't just another underwear model—okay, strike that, that was dismissive. As a beautiful young woman she'll have to work harder for people to see if there's any depth beneath the surface; poor, pretty people have such a tough go of it, don't they? The British Independent Film Festival awarded the London-born and bred actress their Most Promising Newcomer award for her performance here. She comes from quite the upper crusty family with her grandmother serving as lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. So says Wikipedia anyhow. 

The film opened in the UK at the end of March, so tell us, UK friends, how was it? Talk to me!

And here are the trailers...