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Wolf Hall Wednesday: Sunday! Sunday! I. Can't. Wait. Watch the Preview of the First Episode

Today is my last Wolf Hall Wednesday before the show makes its debut on Masterpiece this Sunday. I promised you a full rundown on all the characters but Crikey, that's a lot of work! And if you saw my long post on all the Paris locations used in the classic film Gigi, you know I'm a wee bit wiped out.

Soooooo, check out this link to the Daily Mail. They call it How to Be a Wolf Hall Know-It-All.
Because apparently it's not just me bewildered by the huge cast of characters; even some Brits who have to study this stuff in school are confused.
"while millions have praised the performances and lavish production, some have been left scratching their heads over the facts of Tudor history. 
The story follows the fortunes of main character Thomas Cromwell – but some viewers have confused the blacksmith’s son, who rose to power in the court of Henry VIII, with his distant descendant Oliver Cromwell, the Civil War leader who lived a century later."

Thomas Cromwell                                             Oliver Cromwell

Oh my! Well thanks to the Daily Mail for clearing things up, the piece points out the facts in spiffy easy to read blurbs; I've paired a couple with the show's Facebook images, because you can't have a show without having a Facebook page for it! What do you think? Do I need a Facebook page for my blog???

The King: 

WHO WAS HE? Henry VIII, King of England (played by Damian Lewis), who married six times and oversaw the dramatic changes to the nation’s religion that would in time become known as the Reformation. Henry began his reign in 1509 as a devout Roman Catholic but ended it as head of the new Church of England.
ROLE IN THE DRAMA: His desperation to secure a legitimate male heir for the Tudor dynasty will transform life in England for ever and determine the fate of everyone around him, including his first three wives.
WELL I NEVER: The King did manage to father an illegitimate son in 1519 by his mistress, Elizabeth Blount.

Anne Boleyn:

WHO WAS SHE? Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 and the mother of the future Elizabeth I. The King began to pursue her in 1525 after she became a lady-in-waiting for his wife Queen Catherine. But Anne (played by Claire Foy) refused to settle for life as a Royal mistress.
ROLE IN THE DRAMA: The beautiful, manipulative and power-mad Anne soon finds herself at loggerheads with Thomas Cromwell as they each battle for control over the King.
WELL I NEVER: Anne is believed to have written the poem Oh Death Rock Me Asleep in the final days of her life.
I would definitely give the Daily Mail article a look-see, in fact I'll probably be referring to it so I know who is playing who. In the meantime check back with me before Sunday, I may find the energy to do an enhanced guide to the characters Here, the character posters I found online, and you can always check out the PBS site for more info.

 Got 'em down? Good. Here's a preview of Episode one from the BBC and following that, the original BBC trailer.  I. Can't. Wait.

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