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The Wolf is at the door: Are you ready? Wolf Hall makes its' debut tonight!

It's Easter Sunday but if you're looking for my usual Slacker Sunday/Sunday Slacker video before you go do whatever it is you do on Easter Sunday — Sunrise Service? Easter egg hunt? Family brunch? Nada, it's not your holiday? — here's one for you. It's short, under five, so you really do have time to watch AND hide the eggs, etc.  Er, egg cetera? Assuming Hilary Mantel was historically accurate, they celebrated Easter by painting egg Henry VIII's time too.

Tonight is the big night, Wolf Hall airs on PBS at 10pm* here in the states.  I've finished both books and written and written about the show, now it's time to watch. I'll probably tweet a teeny bit — NOT during the show — but I'll still wait until Wednesdays to really weigh in on my regular Wolf Hall Wednesday posts. To join the conversation, the hashtag PBS is using is #WolfHallPBS

See you there ...
But first, let's see what Mark Rylance, the actor who plays Thomas Cromwell, has to say ...

I've written tons about my reading of the books, Wolf Hall (liked) and Bring Up the Bodies (LOVED), which I bit off in roughly hundred page chunks.

 If you're so inclined ....

Week #1: Wolf Hall: The first One Hundred Pages
Week #2: Getting to Know All About You
Week #3: All Kinds of Torture
Week #4: It's All about the Face
Week #5: The Art of Historical Fiction
Week #6: Walk the Walk (walking tours)
Week #7:  The Last Pages
Week #8: Bring Up the Bodies ... and bring on the drama!
Week #9: Goodbye Anne, Hello Who?
Week #10: Sunday. Sunday. I. Can't. Wait.

* I know. There's a time conflict with the final season of Mad Men. What to do, what to do? PBS is rebroadcasting the episode at 3am if that's helpful. I'm checking to see if I can access it on my ROKU