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Scott Eastwood in The Longest Ride: Like Father Like Son?

I can't say I'm rushing out to see The Longest Ride. While I loved The Notebook, I try to avoid Nicholas Sparks on principle. The principle being that as big a sap as I am, give me a little credit and don't feed me total B.S. romance pap. If you want it said better than that — I don't blame you—read Kate Erbland's review at Film School Rejects. I'm sure I'd feel just like she does if I could be bothered to read the book or see the movie. Sorry Sparkly fan girls, it's just not my thang. 

That being said, since it's Dreaming of France meme time, that day of the week when I join a group of Francophiles by celebrating Frenchiness in a bookish movie way, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to watch the trailer for the 'hottest romance of the year' so long as you watch it in French. 

I'm not able to download this one directly so click the link to see the trailer for The Longest Ride in French over at Cinema Montreal.

I read somewhere that the director said Scott looks just like his dad did at that age. No. He doesn't. Here's a side by side comparison; on the left is Clint at about Scott's age when he was Rowdy in Rawhide. On the right, the new beefcake in town, his son Scott Eastwood. Okay, they sort of look alike. But Scott, while handsome, is a much more ordinary kind of handsome while Clint, the coolest cowboy in town, had a unique appeal, his long, lean ranginess, his look of the loner, the guy on the fringes, doing it his way. Scott could easily play the popular jock while Clint would be comfortable in the shoes of an outsider. Those aren't physical things, it's an inner essence that's manifested in every ounce of Clint's being. That's my opinion anyway, what do you think?

You still want to watch it in English because Eastwood is so hot and sexy? Be my guest.

The Longest Ride stars Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson and Alan Alda. Directed by George Tillman Jr. from a script by Craig Bolotin, The Longest Ride is in movie theaters now.