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Charlize Theron and Gillian Flynn Fly to Paris for 'Dark Places' Movie Premieres: Plus NEW Production Stills

They probably didn't cover it on any of the celeb stalking shows but Dark Places, the Charlize Theron movie based on Gillian Flynn's thriller, had its premiere in Paris a couple of days ago. Dark Places officially opens there on April 8th with a handful of other countries in the following few weeks. The film, which also stars Nicholas Hoult, Chloe Grace Moretz, Tye Sheridan, Corey Stoll, Christina Hendricks and Andrea Roth, is supposed to open here in the states sometime this year, but so far nothing has been announced.

IndieWire, where I found a ton of great new photos (below), posits a reasonable question: Is it a clunker? Because one would think an adaptation of a Gillian Flynn book plus this cast would add up to some buzz. Instead it feels very quiet, very under the radar. The only poster and trailer we have so far are geared to the French market — the film's director Gilles Paquet-Brenner is French. If it's not a clunker, is this any way to release a movie?

I will be so disappointed if this gets released quietly via video on demand — I've been following the film's progress since the summer of 2012! — but I guess I'll survive.  Here's the link to  my take on the best-selling novel. Take a look at the pictures, watch the trailer, and weigh in, below. Are you excited to see the movie? Tweet Charlize Theron at @charlizeAfrica and let her know!
A feature adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel, "Dark Places" tells the story of Libby Day, a woman who, at the age of 7, survives the massacre of her family and testifies against her brother as the murderer. Twenty-five years later, a group obsessed with solving notorious crimes confronts her with questions about the horrific event.