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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Cast & Characters: Meet the Boys of Bravo

Our Titular Boy: NewcomerJoe Alwynn is Billy Lynn

Meet the boys of Bravo, the so called heroes in Ben Fountain's cruelly funny and poignant novel and the upcoming Ang Lee film, of a three and a half minute firefight in Iraq caught on video and replayed on Fox adnauseum. Now the prez has sent them on a round the country Victory Tour, culminating with an endless Thanksgiving Day Dallas Cowboys football game, complete with halftime show featuring Destiny's Child and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. At the end of the day Bravo hopes that Hollywood producer Albert Ratner will bring them a whopping $100,000 per person movie deal; while Billy hopes for something even further out of reach. Except for Billy, who let's us into his head via passages like the one below, the boys of Bravo are a crude, lewd bunch; I think you're going to love them.
"It's the randomness that makes your head this way, living the Russian roulette lifestyle every minute of the day. Mortars falling out of the sky. Random. Rockets, lob bombs, IEDs, all random. Once on OP Billy was pulling night watch and felt a sick little pop just off the bridge of his nose, which was, he realized as he tumbled backward, the snap of a bullet breaking the sound barrier as it passed. Inches. Not even that. Fractions, atoms and it was all this random, whether you stopped at a piss tube this minute or the next, or skipped seconds at chow, or were curled to the left in your bunk instead of the right, or where you lined up in a column, that was a big one."  p.51

Garrett Hedlund is Sgt. David Dime

"Now he laughs for real, cackling with the wicked innocence of the bright and easily bored. Staff Sergeant David Dime is a 24 year old college dropout from North Carolina who subscribes to the Wall street Journal, the New York Times, Maxim, Wired, Harpers, Fortune and DicE Magazine, all of which he reads in addition to 3 or 4 books a week, mostly used text books on history and politics that his insanely hot sister sends from Chapel Hill."  p. 18

Vin Diesel is Shroom

"Shroom, Shroom, the Mighty Shroom of Doom who foretold his own death on the battlefield. When their deployment was done and he got his leave he was going on a ayahuasca trek to Peru, "going to see the Big Lizard" as he put it "unless the hajjis send me first. Unless. Guess what? And on that day Shroom knew. Wasn't that the meaning of their last handshake?"  pg. 41

Barney Harris (The Hollow Crown) is Kenneth Sykes                                       

Sykes will never be anything but Sucks. 
"Will Beyonce show me her tits while sitting on my face,"Sykes offers then starts singing in a screechy black girl falsetto "I need a soldjah, soldjah, need me a soldjah, soldjah boy."  p.10

Beau Knapp is Robert Earl Koch 

Koch as in Coke, Coke is Crack, and Crack kills.
"Dude, that lady back there," Crack says when they're moving again. "the blonde with the little kids? When her husband was taking our picture, she was totally grinding her ass up against my rod."
"No lie. Like instant wood man, she was like shoving her ass right in there. Five more seconds and I would have come. I shit you not." 

 Allen Daniel is Major Mac

Not truly a member of Bravo squad, Major Mac is a military Public Affairs escort:
"Major Mac rarely speaks, hardly ever eats or drinks and has never been seen to relieve himself prompting speculation among the Bravos that their PA escort might be a new kind of human being, one that consumes and voids through the pores of his skin. Thanks to mysterious back channels Sergeant Dime discovered that on the major's very first day at the war, he was blown up not just once but twice, resulting in profound but as yet to be determined hearing loss.For now he's parked in public affairs while the army figures out what to do with him."

Specialist Lodis a.k.a. "Cum load, Pant load or just plain Load” is played by Astro, the unforgettable kid who teamed up with Liam Neeson in A Walk Among the Tombstones. He’s surely aged a bit since he made that movie in 2014.

Arturo Castro plays Specialist Marchellino Montoya or Mango 

Staff Sergeant Kellum Holliday known as Day is played by 
Ismael Cruz Cordova, an actor your kids might know as Mando from Sesame Street and you might recognize from Ray Donovan.

I can’t find Specialist Brian Herbert known as A-bort anywhere on the cast list. They could have dropped the character, created a new one or simply changed the name but I can’t find it anywhere.


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