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Paper Towns: It's all About the Chase (The First Trailer)

To my dear YA followers —all three of you: The first trailer for John Green's Paper Towns has arrived online. I shared John's first set visit  this past November so if you can't get enough of Mr. Green, check it out. As a fan of Green's The Fault in Our Stars, both the book and the movie with Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, I was curious about this one too BUT it definitely skews too young for me. While YA as a genre can appeal to an old broad like me, Paper Towns, set in high school seems just a bit too youthful in tone. Teenagers crawling out of windows. The kind of kids I can't imagine Hazel Grace wanting to hang out with. The familiar trope of the main character crushing on a member of the opposite sex who has no idea they're alive, until suddenly the object of desire aka the crushee needs something from the crusher and voila, the main character high fives it all the way to the prom or graduation day. Maybe she falls for him and he realizes he didn't really need her all along. Or he sees her as she really is and, no, sadly, he's not the girl he invented in his mind but his best gal pal is the true gal of his dreams. Or, IDK, maybe it all ends well and they all find themselves and each other and live happily ever after, all summer long.

We've all been there and it's great fun when you're young but oh, that was so long ago. Or maybe John Green, undoubtedly a gifted mind and writer, has something entirely new and different up his sleeve in Paper Towns? I didn't read it. Did you? Clue me in if I'm being an old lady stuck in my rut, missing out the best book I'll never read.

Paper Towns stars Nat Wolff (Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars) Cara Delevigne and Halston Sage.
Here's that trailer: