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Jurassic World trailer: le parc est ouvert

My boyo was under six months old when I took him along to see Jurassic Park in the summer of 1993. What was I thinking?! That I'd whisk him out of the theatre if he started to cry. That's what I did when we took him to the cast and crew screening for Free Willy which I'd worked on as production coordinator. It was, in fact, that movie that he was conceived on. Made on location, you might say. Self-sacrificing martyr that I am, I spent most of the Free Willy screening walking up and down the lobby, rocking my baby boy, insisting my hubby—who actually had some screen time in the movie—stay in the theatre and watch for his small part.

I got luckier with Jurassic Park. We went to a matinee that happened to coincide with his nap time. Should I have been worried about the possible trauma of screeching velociraptors on my baby's psyche, causing nightmares, or damage to his tiny ear drums? I expect I should have but like I said, I lucked out; he slept through the entire movie. True story; all the noise, the velociraptors screeching, the screams of the kids in the movie, the screams of the audience, everything. Twenty two years later the only scars he carries with him from the experience are a fondness for the franchise and the music of John Williams. Not such a bad thing.

The music of Williams won't be back for Jurassic World, set for release this June. That's been composed by Michael Giachinno, the Oscar winning composer is no slouch in the music world with Up, Lost, Star Trek and This is Where I Leave You among his credits. Based on characters created by Michael Crichton Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt (Parks & Rec, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Bryce Dallas Howard (The Help) with Ty Simkins, Judy Greer and Vincent D'0nofrio.

Do you want to watch the trailer? Do you want to watch the trailer in French? Ah ha! I knew it. Well, here ya go...
Jurassic World opens June 10th in France

And here's a longer version in English, just in case you're not a francophile Dreaming of France — but if you are, visit the link!

It's interesting how the international trailers are rarely the exact trailers we see in English; they're cut to market to the international audiences they're intended for; in this case, the French-speaking world.

Jurassic World opens June 12th in the US and most of the English speaking world - Canada, the UK, Australia and Ireland ... oh hell, here's the complete list of opening dates in a country near you!