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Divergent: Insurgent French Trailer—Divergente 2: L'Insurrection avec Shailene Woodley

Pour Libérer le Monde sa Différance Sera sa Force!

I ran into some neighbors when I was coming in from the market today. Patricia, who is French and has the wonderful French accent to prove it, and her young daughter, Sophie. Because we're both rather reserved—friendly, but not friends—I wasn't even sure how much English Patricia spoke until I realized that Sophie was chattering away to her in rapid fire English as only 12 year old American girls can.

"Do you and your mom talk to each other in French a lot too?" asked I, nosy old biddy that I am. Patricia gave me that maternal eye roll, loosely translated as "Are you kidding me? You have no idea how often I've told her we should speak French together but will she listen? I'm lucky she talks to me at all."

"Not really." Sophie pulled a self-conscious smirk.  She might as well have been saying Ew, French! Don't tell my mom, but GROSS! "I really don't know too much French." Mom made with the eye roll again.

I just couldn't help butting in with my ever-so-helpful suggestion to this little girl who really just wanted her mom to drive her to her friend's house, that really she should. "You really should speak French with your mom. You'll be so glad you when you're a little older.  Boys will like it too," I promised. 

"In fact, lately I've been watching trailers for American movies in French, myself. Watching movies you like in French could be a fun way to help you learn."  God, I can be insufferable.
"I listen to French music?"

"Excellent! That's excellent." And I couldn't help thinking of Albert Brooks singing along to Frances Cabrel in Broadcast News. Like so ... 

Which got me to wondering about French music. What do the French listen to? Are Lady Gaga and Jackson Brown on their playlists too? 

But back to French trailers ...

Divergent fans, Are you ready for L'Insurrection? That's what they call Insurgent in the French language version. L'Insurrection. Shailene Woodley and Theo James are back along with Woodley's other movie beaus Ansel Elgort and Miles Teller. If you still haven't seen Divergent, check it out before L'Insurrection, or Insurgent, opens in March.  Here's the trailer in French. 

I wonder if Sophie will see it?

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