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Child 44: Where are you?

Coming soon, very soon!

I shared my take on Tom Rob Smith's thrilling 'thriller' Child 44 last month, along with the trailer and an initial poster for the movie starring Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman Noomi Rapace and Joel Kinnaman.  Now that we're getting closer to the U.S. release date of April 17th, a quartet of posters have arrived online.

The book, set in a world where nobody trusts anyone, not even husbands and wives, was such a great read, completely absorbing and defying any attempts to figure out who done it! I'm hoping the movie will be just as good, which, considering the cast, it stands a very good shot of being. The best-selling novel is the first in a trilogy, so if the film is as successful as I think it will be, we can logically expect movies based on Agent 6 and The Secret Speech to come next. Fingers crossed! Today I was pretty much over-the-moon when the acclaimed author Tom Rob Smith was good enough to respond to one of my tweets about the book like so ...

Well, that's my day week month made! Here's the rest of the new posters, plus the trailer. Can you see this movie without reading the book? Well sure you can, but why would you, the book is so awesome; at 480 pages it may seem daunting but those pages seriously fly by. Really. Now, go read it.