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It's Super Bowl Sunday: The Totinos Activity Pack (SNL spoof) and what I'll be doing in between commercials

Not only is it my usual Slacker Sunday but for those of you living in a cave, it's also SuperBowl Sunday. Do I follow football? No. Do I enjoy watching it? Not really, but like a lot of you I get a kick out of some of the commercials. Would it be rude to read Paula Hawkin's The Girl on the Train in between commercials? Because that's what I'm going to try to do. I suppose since we're heading off to a family function it will make it a bit difficult; perhaps if the book was part of the Totinos Activity Pack?


Oops, I've just been notified that featuring that SNL spoof wasn't in compliance with the strict Chapter1-Take1 bookish movie news regulations set down by the book-to-movie league commissioner wherein each post is required to feature information relevant to a movie, whereas otherwise called a film, television show, program, including cinema, in which said movie or film must emanate from a prior source including but not limited to books, i.e. novel, memoir, autobiography, biography, thriller, mystery, chick-lit, crime novel, best-seller, YA,  but may also feature adaptations from other sources such as magazine articles, plays, and additional online material.

Thereby, here's a footballish-themed trailer from an old footballish-themed movie based on a book.
Michael Lewis — who also wrote MoneyBall — wrote the book based on the life of the real NFL player, Michael Oher and the woman who changed his life, Leigh Anne Tuohy.

So now I'm in compliance to the rules as set down by the book-to-movie league commish and I can breathe. I wonder how Tom Brady's feeling?