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Game of Thrones: We Can Be HEROES. Emphasis on the "HER"?

I just got some very good news. My niece Krysten; a young twenty-something bookaholic, brainiac and film and television buff is going to join me when Game of Thrones returns April 12th with its 5th season. She's read all the books and is planning on writing at least once weekly, probably with a recap and review. She's fresh, supersmart and maddeningly opinionated in life, so I'm super excited for her to pour some of that strong point of view onto this page, connecting with all of us Game of Thrones fans; yes, of course I'm one too!

In the meantime here's some images from the Game of Thrones website; scroll down for the Season 5 trailer. In addition to my personal faves like Maisie Williams as Arya Stark and Kit Harrington as Jon Snow —very excited about seeing him in Testament of Youth, still waiting for a release date — we have a host of new characters and exciting new cast members. Among them, Jonathan Pryce as High Sparrow, a devout and pious man with a huge following of people ministering to the poor and calling out the wealthy. Sounds like the income inequality debate has landed in Kings Landing. So ironic as I'll also be watching Pryce as Cardinal Wolsey in Wolf Hall, coming to American television on Masterpiece in April as well. I'm doing a weekly read-along of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies in preparation for the show.
So much great TV to look forward to this spring!

Then there's Prince Obyron's brother, Doran Martell, played by Alexander Siddig. He's got a calm exterior but they killed his brother. Let's face it, he's mad as hell. What's he gonna do?

Photo Credit: All photos by Macall B. Polay and Helen Sloan/HBO

Now for the trailer which looks like it hits on themes of both income inequality AND gender issues. Listen to the last lines of the trailer —aptly set to a cover of David Bowie's HEROES— as Varys (Conleth Hill) tells Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) that the 7 Kingdoms needs a good ruler, and lists a long line of requirements. "Good luck finding him" says Tyrion. "Who said anything about him?" answers Varys in return. Emilia Clarke* I'm looking at you!

* You do know Emila Clarke is currently filming Me Before You based on JoJo Moyes novel, right?
Just checking.