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The Imitation Game is nominated for 5 Golden Globes: The director isn't one of them.

Director Morten Tyldum on making The Imitation Game:
"I think the main thing that drew me to this film is that I wanted to make a movie that celebrates being different. Alan Turing is sort of like the outsider's outsider. He wasn't burdened by normality. His mind was able to soar free."
On making The Imitation Game: 4 minute featurette

The Imitation Game is up for five awards at this year's Golden Globe awards: 
Best Motion Picture, Drama
Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama — Benedict Cumberbatch 
Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture — Keira Knightley 
Best Screenplay, Motion Picture — Graham Moore 
Best Original Score, Motion Picture — Alexandre Desplat 

While the movie is magnificent, popping up on everyone's Best of 2014 lists and receiving nominations left and right, director Morten Tyldum is receiving less love.

The reason? His name is too difficult to spell correctly. I'm kidding, of course, but it's true his name is difficult to get right. In the Deadline article where I found this featurette, they have it spelled Morton Tyldum in the headline, Morten Tyldum in the piece. Morten is correct. 

Are you planning on watching the Golden Globes? The Imitation Game is up against Boyhood, Foxcatcher, Selma and The Theory of Everything. My hunch says Boyhood, in recognition of its visionary methodology of shooting over a 12 year period. And it really was such a lovely film.

The movies nominated in the 'Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical' category are:
Into The Woods, Birdman, The Grand Budapest Hotel, St. Vincent and Pride. The winner will probably be St. Vincent or Pride because they're the two I haven't seen!