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Ethan Hawkes in 'Ten Thousand Saints' at Sundance: "A Thrilling Moment to Be Making Art"

It's Slacker Sunday but it's also Sundance time so I've got two videos for you.
They're both itty bitty Q+A's with some of the stars of Ten Thousand Saints, the 'straight edge' movie based on Eleanor Henderson's book. It's one of the books to read before you see the movie — especially if the 80's were your time. The book takes you right there, and it sounds like the movie nailed that aspect of the story. They even had to dirty up NYC!

The first Q+A is with The Hollywood Reporter, the second is with the Wrap at the IndieGoGo Lounge.

Ethan Hawkes who plays the father to Jude (Asa Butterfield)  in the movie, and who hit Sundance with Boyhood last year at this time, and acknowledges that while it's never been easier to make independent movies, it's never been harder to get them distributed, still calls it "A thrilling moment to be making art."

Ten Thousand Saints set in New York during the straight edge punk rock music scene of the 1980's stars Hailee Steinfeld as Eliza, Asa Butterfield as Jude (MIA), Emile Hirsch as Johnny, Avan Jorgia as Teddy. Ethan Hawkes plays Jude's dad Les, with Emily Mortimer as Diane. It's being called a coming of age movie where everyone, even the adults, are forced to grow up.

Take a look and a listen.