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Unbroken: Alexandre Desplat Score plus New Coldplay Song "Miracles" Music Video

This last Slacker Sunday before Christmas seems like the perfect time to share a bit more of Alexandre Desplat's music. My favorite Hollywood movie composer — his score for The Imitation Game earned Desplat a Golden Globe nomination — wrote the score to Unbroken, the Angelina Jolie-directed movie based on Laura Hillenbrand's book about the Olympian and war hero Louis Zamperini. Oddly, the Golden Globes ignored Jolie's movie completely, giving it a surprising grand total of nada! Is the movie undeserving or did Jolie — or someone involved in the making of the film — snub the powers that be?

Now that the Unbroken soundtrack has been released, let's have a listen to one of the tracks; this one's called Coming Home.

And from the closing credits of the movie, this simply gorgeous song written and performed by Chris Martin and Coldplay. Instead of leaving the theatre and trying to get a head start on beating the crowd out of the parking lot, this is a pretty good reason to stick around. By the way, I think you should ALWAYS stay until the credits are over. Sometimes there's a reason —like fantastic music, or little surprises and bloopers — but mostly because there are a good 150 to 300 people involved in the making of a typical movie. They (people like my hubby) work their tushies off for 12 to 18 hours a day for months at a time, all to bring a director's creative vision to life. Most will get no notice, no mention except for their names being included on the crawl. The 'crawl' which goes speeding by. Sticking around to watch the credits is just a nice way to show your appreciation for all that hard work. It's also a great way to let your mind and its thoughts settle, readying yourself for that all important question: So, what'd you think of the movie? Lecture, complete.

Unbroken comes out Christmas Day. Enjoy!