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The Golden Globe Nominations

This is sort of a de rigueur post for any movie related site: the Golden Globe nominees were announced today, so I'm contractually obligated by the internet gods to publish the list of nominees. What I happily zeroed in on was Julianne Moore's nomination for playing the brilliant Dr. Alice Howland stricken by early onset Alzheimer's in Still Alice.

I told you how much I loved the film, and her performance, in my post, Julianne Moore is Unforgettable in Still Alice. I know a lot of Kristen Stewart fans will be disappointed to learn that she wasn't nominated for her work in a supporting role for the film as well; Stewart has done some extraordinary acting this past year in both Clouds of Sils Maria, Still Alice and apparently Camp X-Ray (I haven't seen the latter) and while today was not her day, award wise, have no fear K-Stew fans, her day will come. "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But someday."

This, though, is Julianne Moore's day, and possibly her year, at least for the GG's. While Maps to the Stars was dismissed by the critics, Ms. Moore has also been nominated for her work in that film in the Musical or Comedy category! Two nominations are better than one!

Joining Moore in the best actress/drama dept are Reese Witherspoon for Wild, Rosamund Pike for Gone Girl (my take on the movie), Felicity Jones for The Theory of Everything and Jennifer Aniston for Cake.

And "In A Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy" category, Amy Adams for Big Eyes, Emily Blunt for 
Into The Woods, Helen Mirren for The Hundred Foot Journey (my take on the movie) and Quvenzhané Wallis for Annie.

I'm not going to play the 'who 's the best actress' game; these are all major talents who deserve their nominations — although judging from the trailer alone, Annie would seem to have very little going for it even though Wallis shone in Beasts of the Southern Wild. My emotionally-biased preference is for Moore to get the win but I can see Reese Witherspoon giving her a run for her money in Wild as I've heard she gives a very strong performance in the movie based on Cheryl Strayed's memoir, and I know Felicity Jones was awfully, awfully good in the beautiful portrait of Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything which I saw last week.

Book-to-movie followers note that Joaquin Phoenix got a nom for his role as Doc Sportello in Inherent Vicea great, fun flick based on Thomas Pynchon's book but I think Boyhood may carry the day. And maybe should! Support for the innovative film, made over a 12 year period, is growing with the GG's recognition of both Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawkes for their supporting roles, being just the most recent examples. I do feel bad for the young man at the center of the film though, not really an actor, per se, as the focus of the action, he's getting very little attention for his on camera work.

And, OUI! Monsieur Desplat received a nomination for Best Original Score for Imitation Game while awesome thriller author Gillian Flynn got a nom for the Gone Girl screenplay.

You can read the entire list of Golden Globe nominees here