Monday, December 15, 2014

Miracle on 34th Street : How they used to make trailers.

Look how tiny Natalie Wood's name is! Poor kid needed a power agent.

I just added this 'trailer' to my old post about my favorite Christmas movies and just had to re-share it with you here. It's five minutes and a fun example of the way the studio system used to work. Everybody had to get in the act, even a faux studio head who almost looks like he could be Gene Kelly! You young ones may not recognize the star power of Rex Harrison who I'd probably compare with a modern day George Clooney. Imagine George Clooney helping make a promo for a Brad Pitt movie that he himself wasn't in — or producing. One thing I like about the trailer? It doesn't give much away. I'm so tired of watching trailers and feeling like I've seen the entire film.

Based on the book by Valentine Davis

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