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Benedict Cumberbatch Speaks French in The Imitation Game French-dubbed TRAILER

What's better than hearing Benedict Cumberbatch speak? Hearing Benedict Cumberbatch speak French!  

Actually, watch the trailer for The Imitation Game in French and tell me; do all the French male actors sound like they're being voiced by the same actor?? I'll have to re-listen to pick up the vocal nuances.* How apt that the word 'nuance' is a word derived from the French!


I haven't been able to figure out who is dubbing Monsieur Cumberbatch; for all we know the perfectionist, French-speaking actor is dubbing his own voice.

And an English version with French subtitles.

Bonjours to visitors from the Dreaming of France meme!

Per Merriam-Webster: French, from Middle French, shade of color, from nuer to make shades of color, from nue cloud, from Latin nubes; perhaps akin to Welsh nudd mist
First Known Use: 1781