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Anatomy of a Scene featurette: 'No One is Alone' from Into the Woods

I get such a kick out of hearing directors talk about their films; I especially love the New York Times Anatomy of a Scene feature, though I often forget to seek it out. This one is by Into the Woods director Rob Marshall about an especially moving performance of No One is Alone.

Today, as there's plenty of post Christmas stuff to do —my living room looks like the strong L.A. winds we've been having swept right through it. Every conceivable surface littered with the remnants of the holiday: old gift tags, used up tape dispensers, bows in various stages of re-usabililty, and bags of ripped-off wrapping paper to be taken to the trash, and a clattering of dirty cups and glasses — I'll let director Rob Marshall speak for himself. The scene features Anna Kendrick / Cinderella, Lilla Crawford / Little Red Riding Hood, James Corden / The Baker and Daniel Huttlestone as Jack. The piece assumes a familiarity with the musical BUT if Into the Woods is new to you, the emotional song takes place toward the end of the film, and therefore contains spoilers. This movie left its intended mark on me; I thought it was pure magic.