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Al Pacino on making "The Humbling" based on the novel by Philip Roth [video] #book2movies

I absolutely love what I've found for this week's Slacker Sunday video. A series of four short video clips of Al Pacino talking about making The Humbling, the movie based on Philip Roth's "acclaimed" novel.  It's the book that disappointed me so! In this 4 part series — I have a feeling there's more coming as it ends somewhat abruptly — Pacino is all charisma with a dash of that crazy Pacino energy and wild humor he's famous for. Humor is what was needed, Pacino says, to transform the book into a film. The trailer definitely captures that vibe. I hope it saves the film from being —how do I say this?— too faithful to the book.

Spoiler alert: Pacino talks about the character, the aging actor (a part he can relate to) who tries to commit suicide at the beginning of the book. He also gives away the ending, of the book and I assume the movie. So if you haven't read the book, you may want to hang back.

The Humbling stars Al Pacino as washed-up actor Simon Axler, Greta Gerwig as the young lesbian who falls for him with Dianne Weist and Charles Grodin as her parents along with Kyra Sedgework and Dylan Baker. Directed by Barry Levinson, the script was written by Buck Henry.