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Ten Moving Posters for Into the Woods plus New Trailer

Do you notice anything about this poster, besides Chris Pine's gorgeous blue eyes and general handsome manliness as The Prince? (His answer to Cinderella's question Why did you stray? "I was raised to be charming, not sincere" is one of my favorites in the trailer below)

Disney has issued ten moving posters for each of the ten major Into the Woods characters. Moving? No, there's nothing pushing my emotional buttons, the backgrounds literally have movement in them. In the first gif of Pines as the prince, there's the shadow of branches wafting softly in the breeze, and a couple of buttons on his jacket that sparkle in the moonlight — I'm surprised they didn't put that magical little sparkle in his beautiful blue eyes. Spot the movie magic in the rest of the posters as you scroll down for a gander at the newest trailer. Ah, Disney, I kinda hate that you seem to own everything but you do know how to get my attention! Pretty cool use of GIFS, wouldn't you agree Harry Potter fans? Is it possible that next go round, the characters themselves will come to life?