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"Inherent Vice" Pynchon in Public Podcast: Frozen bananas, Spotted Dick and Zombies, Oh My!

How do you like Penguin's new cover of Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice. That's a wild rendition of Joaquin Phoenix as Doc Sportello, eh? There's something just a tiny bit off about the eyes or maybe it's Phoenix' mouth but it's still pretty groovy. The crazy hair though, filled with the onscreen versions of the book's characters, is nothing short of awesome.The movie tie-in version arrives on shelves on November 26th; the Paul Thomas Anderson adaptation comes out on December 12th. 

I shared my take on the book and a picture gallery back in September. I also shared the Pynchon in Public podcast discussion of Chapters 1 - 4 awhile back. 

Pynchon in Public is hosted by JohnD @PynchoninPublic with @Martin_Eve; who are planning a worldwide Pynchon in Public Day on May 8th, 2015. So! Follow, follow, follow!

For today's Slacker Sunday video, I'm switching courses and posting, not a video, but instead the link to the audio to two additional Pynchon in Public podcasts featuring Chris, Bill and Bo. No, I don't know who the gents are, except that Bo is the creator of the awesome Chums of Chance theme music which kicks off the show! 

Don't even try to listen if you haven't read Inherent Vice, otherwise, tune in and see if the guys can help unravel your understanding. It's a crowded house.

Chapters 1 - 4

Chapters 5 - 6 

and the most recent convo,
Chapters 8 -9

Don't ask me what happened to Chapter 7!

To tell you the God's honest truth, all the links end up in the same place. Enjoy!
Pynchon in Public Podcast

And, the trailer ...