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Dreaming of France: The Homesman trailer en français ... Do NOT watch it! #book2movies

When I can, I like to share something French on Mondays. That's when my friend and author Paulita Kincer hosts her Dreaming of France meme. The intention is for Francophiles to share photographs and stories about one of their favorite places in the world. Normally I'll write a post about a film based on a french book like Hector and the Search for Happiness like Hector and the Search for Happiness based on the book by French psychiatrist Francis Lelord. So far the film starring Simon Pegg has had only a limited release here in the states when it played in theaters this past September. I also shared my take on Mr. Morgan's Last Love — retitled simply Last Love — starring Michael Caine and Clemence Poesy, based on the French book La Douceur Assasine by Françoise Dorner; the movie takes place in Paris and is available on Amazon Instant Streaming. I got really lucky with The Hundred Foot Journey: fellow blogger and Dreaming of France follower Sally Tharpe Rowles was in France for the filming of the movie starring Helen Mirren and shared some fabulous behind the scenes photos of the little village where most of the film is set. Another one that reveals a beautiful French setting is Gemma Bovery;  still waiting for this reimagining of Flaubert's classic to hit America.

I'm not always so lucky. Sadly I couldn't find a new novel-inspired film featuring fetching cinematography of the French countryside. BUT I did find a trailer for the recently released film The Homesman, dubbed in French. I know, I know but it's the best I could do. Set in the starkness of the American west, The Homesman starring Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank is based on the novel of the same name by Glenn Swarthout. Jones also directed the movie, which my son tells me is a must see. He also felt very strongly that the trailer shows spoiler images you won't want to see if you are planning on watching The Homesman, a film he highly recommends. I posted and watched the trailer a few months back, please don't tell him! It's a very bleak tale about a pioneer woman and a claim jumper who team up to escort three insane women back east. Watch the trailer if you please, as much as I adore the idea of Tommy Lee Jones speaking French in a period film; I've been forbidden to, no matter what language it's in, because when you're talking movies, it's not just about the words. 

PS  Here's the trailer en englais