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The women of Inherent Vice & Pynchon in Public Podcast : #ThrowbackThursday

Who is that actress in the tangerine knit outfit in the Inherent Vice trailer? The actress playing Sasha, Doc's ex and the girl he can't get out of his head? That's Katherine Waterston, who you may know from Boardwalk Empire; she's also Charlie in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby.Got a feeling this is the film that's going to get her some real notice though. Waterston also happens to be the daughter of the great Sam Waterston.

Who is that doing the voice over on the Inherent Vice trailer??? The sort of cartoonish little girl voice? That is songwriter/harpist and now actor Joanna Newsom who plays Sortilege in the film. From the sound of it, Sortilege -who tells Doc all about the lost continent of Lemuria, deep, down under the ocean blue - has an expanded role in Paul Thomas Anderson's screen version of Pynchon's psychedelic noirish tale. Newsom also happens to be married to Andy Samberg.

I'm clearly going to have to take a look at the costume design closer to the actual release date for the film. For now, Inherent Vice, the book by Thomas Pynchon is quite a ride, a crazy, mystifying wild and wondrous kind of ride. The trailer for the film starring Joaquin Phoenix as Doc Sportello, just released, looks like it's got that aspect down. 

Set in the seventies, Inherent Vice seems like an apt book to look into for #ThrowbackThursday. Especially for those who've read the book and want to delve deeper into Pynchon's world. JD at Pynchon in Public, is hosting a series of podcasts on the novel; I thought I'd share them with you here. This first episode covers chapters 1 - 4, it's about an hour, so settle in and go back to the 70's and hear what the folks at Pynchon in Public have to say about Doc et al.

"In which we begin Season Two: Inherent Vice. Published in 2009, Inherent Vice follows the investigations stoner/gumshoe Larry “Doc” Sportello as he tried to unravel what is either several mysteries, one big mystery, or perhaps reality itself in 1970s California.
In this podcast we discuss Chapters 1 through 4, including character, theme, and humor analysis, and manage to fit in a real-time example of how the internet is a liar."

And because really, I can't get enough of this outlandish trailer, here's the Inherent Vice teaser. Film geeks take note, my son is loving it but worries about the color correction.