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Saoirse Ronan and Domhnall Gleeson have 'wonderful chemistry' in Brooklyn #book2movies

Brooklyn author Colm Toibin who has seen a cut of the movie starring Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson and Emory Cohen is calling Ronan's performance extraordinary. The Irish publication Independent.ie reports Toibin said it was fantastic to see how the Atonement star brought the role of Eilis alive. (IMDB lists her name as "Ellis", not sure if this is a mistake or a simplification of "Eilis") He also said there was wonderful chemistry between her and the 'Stars Wars' actor Domhnall Gleeson.
"It's very, very emotional. It's the first time I suppose she's doing a part as a lead actress as an adult on her own and she's absolutely extraordinary," he said.
"I thought, maybe this is for people who remember emigration but all the young people who came from the publishers and agency in London, they were all in tears of the choice she had to make.

"Was she going to stay in Ireland or was she going to go back to Brooklyn and the guy, the American actor Emory Cohen plays it as pure charm. He'll do anything to win her."
"Domhnall Gleeson in Ireland plays it the other way around (to Cohen).
"He is just so sincere, so honest, so decent that he would mean pure stability and he sort of needs her and she can see that every word he says is true. So they're playing the opposite ways against each other and she has to decide which way to go," Toibin told Newstalk's Pat Kenny.

According to Toibin, the only thing left to do is add the music.  Easier said than done apparently because I can't find word one about who has been selected to score the film. Usually, while the official job of scoring doesn't take place until after the rough cut is done, the composer has at least been hired. So. Not sure who is doing the music. 

Directed by John Crowley, (Boy A, Closed Circuit) Brooklyn doesn't have a set release date yet - we just know it's coming sometime in 2015 - so I'll keep hunting about for music clues. The script, based on Toibin's novel, was written by Nick Hornby.