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Men, Women and Children - What device will you watch the trailer on?

"Don Truby thought about Kelly Ripa's anus. He thought about what it would look like as he slid his penis into it."
                                               Men, Women and Children, A Novel; Chad Kultgen

I haven't read Men, Women and Children, the novel that Jason Reitman's newest film is based on. Judging from the first two sentences (above) it's a pretty 'racy' book. The plain black text on white stock cover sort of screams something wicked this way comes. Here's the copy from the book jacket:
Chad Kultgen, cult hero and author of the buzz-generating illicit classics The Average American Male and The Lie, cuts to the quick of the American psyche like no other author writing today. In Men, Women & Children he explores the sexual pressures at work on a handful of troubled, conflicted junior-high students and their equally dysfunctional parents. From porn-surfing fathers to World of Warcraft-obsessed sons, from competitive cheerleaders to their dissatisfied, misguided mothers, Kultgen clicks open the emotionally treacherous culture in which we live—in his most ambitious and surprising book yet.

But I'm a fan of Reitman. I loved Up in the Air starring George Clooney with Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. I even liked his adaptation of Joyce Maynard's Labor Day with Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet. So while the prudish part of me wrinkles my nose at the thought of Kelly Ripa as an object of this guy's sexual fantasy - I'll never be able to watch her spot for that new chocolate hazelnut spread without thinking of that line again - ew! - I'm putting it on my list of maybe see's. 

As the poster indicates there's a lot of reliance on the devices many of us are attached to night and day. I'm hoping the movie looks at that addiction which includes being tied to far more than just porn. At my house when we try to start a conversation, we've learned to wait while we come up out of our zoned out trances. The film stars Adam Sandler as the porn-addicted Truby; he's such an on-again, off-again actor I can't see bothering on his account. But the rest of the cast is pretty strong; Jennifer Garner as the internet monitoring mom with Kaitlyn Deaver (Last Man Standing) as her daughter Brandy, Dean Norris from Breaking Bad, Rosemary DeWitt (Kill the Messenger) as Sandler's wife, Judy Greer (will Sprint please stop using that annoying iPhone commercial where Greer and pals squeal to the glass-breaking point?) and for the millions of The Fault in Our Stars fans, Ansel Elgort who reportedly got addicted to World of Warcraft himself to play Norris' son. Emma Thompson does the voice over narration.

The movie is playing in L.A. now; too late for me to read the book - which feels a tad too icky to read anyway. What can I say; I couldn't finish 50 Shades of Grey either. But if any of you have read it, I'm quite curious as to your thoughts. I'm probably being way too squeamish and silly. 

Here's the international trailer for the film ... Thoughts?