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Julianne Moore tells Kristen Stewart "I feel like I can't find myself" in Still Alice Clip

You can take all the scary Halloween horror films in the world and stick them in a witch's cauldron; for me there's still nothing more horrifying than the nightmare of Alzheimer's disease. We're still waiting for the Still Alice trailer (I'll just keep using that stupid pun until they give us a trailer, already!) but Yahoo movies has released an exclusive new Still Alice clip for the film based on Lisa Genova's book. (Which I loved! Read my take here.)

Still Alice stars Julianne Moore as Alice, the brilliant professor stricken with early onset Alzheimer’s, Kristen Stewart who plays her daughter, Lydia, an aspiring actress and Alec Baldwin as her husband.

There's been nothing but Oscar buzz for Moore and Stewart since the film premiered at TIFF this past September, prompting Sony to release the movie this December for a short Oscar-qualifying run. I can't wait, in fact the film is screening at the AFI film fest here in a couple of weeks: my ticket printout is waiting on the fridge for my hot little hand to snap up. I'll let you know what I think after I've seen it but I'm very, very excited.

Add this to the brief scene I posted in mid-September and I think I'm pretty safe in saying I should bring tissues. 

Here's the clip in which Lydia asks her mother what Alzheimer's feels like. Alice's answer is as articulate as you might expect from a linguistics professor, as heartbreaking a conversation a mother and daughter have ever had, especially as it's so low key. There's nothing over-reaching here as Alice explains, quite articulately, but in a very restrained, almost detached way, how it feels. 
“On my bad days, I feel like I can’t find myself,” says Alice. “I’ve always been so defined by my intellect, my language, my articulation, and now sometimes I can see the words hanging in front of me, and I can’t reach them, and I don’t know who I am, and I don’t know what I’m going to lose next.” 
If the video isn't working, you can link directly to the clip here: http://goo.gl/poECY2