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Hack Attack: George Clooney Turning the Spotlight of British Tabloid Journalism

George Clooney didn't take much of a honeymoon. Gorgeous George — he really is that old timey definition of handsome ala Cary Grant (in fact, I'd love to see him in a biopic based on that star's life)  — is going to direct the screen adaptation of Hack Attack, written by The Guardian reporter, Nick Davies. Published this past summer, Davies' book drills down on the way the British tabloids hacked the heck out of everyone they wanted a scoop on, from celebrities like Hugh Grant, to cops, royalty and even innocent victims of terror attacks. They denied it of course; you may remember Rupert Murdoch and his son squirming ever so slightly in the spotlight as the 168 year old News of the World was forced to go out of business. Needless to say, we don't practice those scurrilous techniques here in the states. Hahahahahahaha! Do you really believe that because I can dig up some swampland for sale if you're interested? 

The newest news is that Andrew McCarten, currently getting tons of attention for penning the screenplay for the Stephen Hawking story The Theory of Everything, has been signed to write the adaptation. This sounds like it may be a bit of a passion project for Clooney whose father is the longtime and respected journalist Nick Clooney, and who showed his own zeal for the news business when he directed the Edward R. Murrow portrait Good Night and Good Luck. According to Deadline, Clooney wants to make a film in the All the Presidents Men mold; I'm hoping that includes an onscreen role for Clooney as well. 

George Clooney with dad, Nick. Er, that's George on the right.