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Rowan Joffe on adapting S.J. Watson's bestseller BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP starring Nicole Kidman

Hello lovely readers from Britain, Ireland and New Zealand, I see that Before I Go to Sleep is opening in cinemas in your hometowns today. I'm disappointed that the three reviews I've read so far are labeling the film starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong forgettable. A shame, as I said in my take on S.J. Watson's thriller, the book, while not perfect, was a definite page turner. The novel, plot holes and all, should have made a better movie than the reviews seem to indicate, especially considering its stellar cast, not just of 'stars' but really tremendous actors. 

Here in the states the Rowan Joffe directed film doesn't open until October 31st so I personally won't see it for another two months! If any of you would like to share your viewpoints and tantalize us with your reviews I'd love to hear what you have to say, especially those of you who have read the book as well! Pop me an email at simcarter1000@gmail.com and lay it on me.

In the meantime, author S.J. Watson tweeted out an interview that Verite did with director Rowan Joffe on the adaptation process. I've posted the video below the newly released stills from Studio Canal; scroll down to have a look. 

Make sure to watch it in full 1080 resolution:)