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Gone Girl: The first film reviews are in. #book2movie

New Gone Girl still features Nick and Amy; Falling in love?

The first reviews for Gone Girl are coming in and it looks like mostly 'it's a hit.' I'm linking you to a Rope of Silicon review wrap up piece   so you can decide for yourself whether to check them out or not. 

What I glean from the early word is that Ben Affleck nails it as Nick, a guy used to coasting by on his looks, and that's in part because he is Ben Affleck, bringing his own self-consciousness about his own good looks, talent, power as a performer to bear on the role. The personal baggage an actor brings to a part is an interesting concept and while actors must surely hate it, it's a valid aspect of the casting process. 

We also have our first taste of the movie's music. Director David Fincher, working for the third time with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, wanted "something seedy and reminiscent of the 'really terrible music you hear in massage parlors'. Massage parlor aficionados will have to judge whether this preview (below) "The Way He Looks at Me" fits the bill. I find it hard to judge without seeing the accompanying film footage; that being the case, it's got a tense, creepy vibe which is Gone Girl to a T. 

Can you believe Gone Girl the movie based on Gillian Flynn's best seller is finally here! Almost here; the movie opens October 3rd. The soundtrack will be released digitally on September 24th, I've got the track list, which could very well be chapter titles, below the preview. After all the hype and all the discussion about whether Gillian Flynn - who wrote the screenplay herself - changed the ending, we'll finally be able to see the results and judge for ourselves.

Scroll down for the trailer.

Gone Girl Soundtrack Tracklist:
01. What Have We Done To Each Other?
02. Sugar Storm
03. Empty Places
04. With Suspicion
05. Just Like You
06. Appearances
07. Clue One
08. Clue Two
09. Background Noise
10. Procedural
11. Something Disposable
12. Like Home
13. Empty Places (Reprise)
14. The Way He Looks At Me
15. Technically, Missing
16. Secrets
17. Perpetual
18. Strange Activities
19. Still Gone
20. A Reflection
21. Consummation
22. Sugar Storm (Reprise)
23. What Will We Do?
24. At Risk