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Gemma Bovery trailer with English subtitles will have you Dreaming of France #book2movie

I shared the teaser trailer for Gemma Bovery back in August. Sadly for those of us who don't speak French, the trailer in that post had no subtitles. This morning I've got the trailer for the reimagining of Flaubert's Madame Bovary complete with English subtitles. Based on Posy Simmond's bilingual graphic novel, Gemma Bovery looks like a lot of fun and worlds away from the tres serious Madame Bovary redux starring Mia Wasikowska

Based on what we see in this trailer alone, I'm not surprised the movie screened to standing ovations at the Toronto International Film Festival where according to Variety the UK and American film rights were secured. 

Gemma Bovary stars Gemma Arterton as a young British woman who moves with her husband to a small town in Normandy where she meets a French baker played by Fabrice Luchini, a popular star in France. 

J'adore the conversation the baker has with his wife and son where he asks them to guess the couple's name, which of course, is Bovery.
"James Bond?" the teen hazards a sarcastic guess. "MacDonald's?"

BIENVENUE Dreaming of France friends. 
Do you guys think this looks as yum as I do?