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First look at Reese Witherspoon - and her HAIR - as Penny in Inherent Vice

My twitter feed is full of people jonesing for a trailer for Inherent Vice, the Paul Thomas Anderson directed adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's novel. While there's still no trailer - we got a couple of brief glimpses in the trailer for the New York Film festival where the movie will debut on October 4th - there is finally this first image of Reese Witherspoon as Deputy D.A. Penny chatting with Joaquin Phoenix as Doc Sportello.

Penny is supposed to look like one square chick; she sure looks it here with her crazy bouffant hairdo and straight-laced suit. Honestly I don't remember anyone's hair looking like that in the early 70's - think Charlie's Angels - but even for a woman in the conservative legal profession, they've got Reese looking more like a prison warden than anything else. I think this period photo of Meryl Streep is more of the look they should have gone for. And that suit - horrible! Am I mis-remembering the time period? Joaquin looks far out and so right on as Doc; I'm disappointed to see what they've done to Reese as Penny.