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Designing Women: Gone Girl #book2movie #costume design

Gone Girl Costume Designer Trish Summerville  
Photo by LAURA SIMON ~ lsimon@semissourian.com

Trish Summerville knows what David Fincher wants. The costume designer for Gone Girl worked with Fincher on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - I wrote about her work on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo back in 2011 when she developed a Dragon Tattoo inspired clothing line for H&M. Summerville who also designed The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is currently working on a remake of Westworld starring Rachel Evan Woods, James Marsden, and wonderful Anthony Hopkins. The designer talked to the Southeast Missourian - the hometown paper for the Cape Girardeau, Missouri location where Gone Girl was shot - about the importance of wardrobe to any film. Clothes, after all, make the man ... and woman.
"We want to give [the actors] clothes that can help them get into character." 
Summerville used the Kim Dickens, who plays Detective Rhonda Boney as an example. 
 "It's bare bones. We gave her three suits and sensible shoes." Not a whole lot different than my old Realtor wardrobe; my Ann Taylor suits in navy, beige and black are hanging in my closet, awaiting my next sales call. 

Summerville told the newspaper that she and Fincher wanted clothing to look well-worn so you won't see those telltale brand new looking creases in the clothing. She used tricks like tying sleeves together and weighing pockets down with kidney beans to make them look more worn. She also shopped locally at Goodwill and Teen Challenge.

Obviously, they had a bit more fun with Amy played by Rosamund Pike. With both The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Hunger Games: Catching Fire engendering tie-in clothing lines, the obvious question is will there be a Gone Girl clothing line? I don't see any signs of it; I suppose while you may want to look like the ultimate "COOL GIRL" who among you would want to look like Amy? Not exactly a character to emulate, am I right? Or, in the apparent side-taking that's happening, are you on Team Amy and can't wait to rock her look?