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Who Dunne it in Gone Girl? The evidence is in the bag.

I'm loving the promos for the big-screen adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl set to hit theaters on October 3. In much the same way as Amy leaves clues for Nick, the producers are using the posters and trailers as clues for fans to dig into and think about. Just how different is the ending of the movie vs the book? Exactly what is the crime and who dunne it???

Check out the First Poster - "You Don't Know What You've Got Until It's ..."

This particular photographic evidence, [a HuffPost Entertainment exclusive] features Amy and Nick sharing a champagne toast with friends. The fact that it's in an evidence bag alludes to the mystery surrounding the couple while teasing us there's a new teaser trailer in the wings.

Come back Monday, July 7th for the new trailer for Gone Girl from 20th Century Fox. 
I'm still enamored of the first trailer, set to the evocative 'She'. Take a look.

Gone Girl stars Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris (Desi Collins), Tyler Perry (Tanner Bolt), Emily Ratajkowski (Andie Harding), Scoot McNairy (Tommy O'hara), Patrick Fuget (Detective Gilpin), Kim Dickens (Detective Rhonda Boney), Carrie Coons (Margo Dunne) with Sela Ward as Sharon Scheiber, a Diane Sawyer type and Missi Pyle as Ellen Abbot, a histrionic TV personality ala Nancy Grace. Director David Fincher co-wrote the script with author Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl comes out October 3.