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Philip Seymour Hoffman's A Most Wanted Man scored by German rock star

I've got to get out to see Philip Seymour Hoffman in A Most Wanted Man, Anton Corbijn's adaptation of the John Le Carre novel.  While for me it's mostly about seeing Hoffman in one of his final role - and getting great reviews - I'm curious to see  what Herbert Grönemeyer does with the music. Apparently a mega rock star in Germany, Gronemeyer wrote the score and also appears in the film.

The rocker/actor starred in the 1981 German film Das Boot and also scored Corbijn's 2010 film The American. In A Most Wanted Man he plays piano and keyboard throughout the movie with orchestral arrangements at London's Abbey Road Studio and the rest of the music recorded at Hansa Studio in Berlin.
"The challenge for me was to provide a pulse and a hidden beat to the movie that features all those wonderful actors, such as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Nina Hoss, Willem Dafoe, Daniel Brühl and Rachel McAdams," Grönemeyer says. "This is the second time that Alex Silva and I have produced the music to one of Anton's movies. To me the lyrics are the movie and the director is the lyricist. It's been a lot of fun and I believe the music will manage to serve its purpose – at least sometimes."
Let's take a listen to the opening theme, shall we? CLICK this link to go to The Music Reporter where you can hear snippets of the Most Wanted Man soundtrack, now available to purchase.

A Most Wanted Man stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Daniel Bruhl, Willem Dafoe, Robin Wright, Nina Hoss and Grigori Dobrygin.

And here's the trailer - like I said I'm going to try to see the film in the next couple of days and share my thoughts. If you make it to the theatre, I'd love to hear what you think of it.