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Lactating on George Clooney's chest and more tidbits from THR's Dramatic Actress Roundtable

A few Sundays ago I shared The Hollywood Reporter's Roundtable with a group of actors potentially up for an Emmy for their television roles. 

This week I'm posting the ladies; Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), Keri Russell (The Americans), Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel), Claire Danes (Homeland) and Jessica Pare (Mad Men) and Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story:Coven) who does share some insight into her role in 12 Years a Slave.

While none of the shows truly fall into my 'based on a book' purview, I've decided to post the THR video since I posted the guys (Masters of Sex is based on a book).

The women are incredibly forthcoming in the hour-long conversation in which the actors talk about moving on after their tv series end, waiting for the right roles, and how hard it is for women when most parts for women are 'girlfriend of' parts, doing plays because they fill and expand an actor's soul. 

"Working while pregnant" is an especially noteworthy segment which starts about twenty five minutes in with Claire Dane talking about being chained to a pipe at seven and a half months pregnant and thinking "this sucks!" She also recalled doing a love scene, feeling her baby kicking inside her while trying to gaze seductively into her costar's eyes. And working during post-pregnancy: when Vera Farmiga shares that she lactated all over George Clooney's chest when she was shooting Up in the Air, Julianne Margulies pipes up with a snark about George's reaction. Lots of fun insights like that.

While now know that only Julianne Margulies, Claire Danes and Sarah Paulson are actually up for an Emmy this year, the entire panel is such a great 'listen'. I hope you will!
The Emmy Awards airs August 25th in the US. Enjoy!